2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition

2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition

If you have forgotten about ford’s win in 24-hour endurance i.e. in June 1966 Ford won the Le Mans race all three spots with Ford GT 40 MK II and defeated Ferrari in this race. It is also captured in the 2019 film “Ford vs. Ferrari”. Ford is reminding that victorious moment again coming up with a limited edition of 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition inspired by Ford GT 40 Mark II.

The exterior is also inspired to 55 years ago Ford GT40 MK II race car that has bold white, black, and red exterior the 2021 Ford GT Heritage has a frozen white color with a carbon fiber hood, race red asymmetrical accents on the front fascia, and roof edge, unique ford graphics on lower rear panels, heritage gold 20-inch aluminum wheels with red brake calipers. The driver side door and rear wing also have distinct visuals and carbon fibers have the signature 98 graphics and the supercar’s lightweight body.

The interior has black and red accents i.e. black wrapping around the instrumental panel, headliner, and steering wheel rim while red is on paddle shifters and seats it gives a dramatic vibe to the interior.


If you want an even bolder look for then a package is available which features 20-inch carbon fiber wheels with red painted inner accent wheel rim, black brake calipers and in interior 98 roundels provide contrast on both driver and passenger door panels.

Now taking about what is not there i.e. self-driving capability. So if you are having 24 hr. racing you have to include co-pilot in it.

Ford has also revealed a very limited Ford GT studio that will let the buyer make their 660 horsepower GT stand out from the crowd. This will be customizable with an all-new graphics package with color opted y buyer highlighting its key elements. The color can be chosen from seven standard colors or further personalized palettes. Only 40 units of studio collection for 2021 and 2022 model years will be there. Ford has also said that the delivery of the Ford GT will begin in 2021 and will end in 2022.