Bentley Confirms Five New Electric Vehicles by 2030

Bentley Confirms Five New Electric Vehicles by 2030

Bentley has recently stated in the press conference today about their plan of introducing five new EVs by 2030 and the first one will be reaching the United States in 2025. Bentley has demonstrated its plans of electrification in 2019 and 2030 would be the last to have an internal combustion engine vehicle.

However, Bentley’s plan has some alternations where they have decided to launch first of its EV in 2025 and following in the coming years. Bentley’s line-up is quite small which means there will be some new additions to the family.  

Bentley has joined their hands with Volkswagen Group to manufacture highly advanced electric vehicles. It shows the coming vehicles will be full of high-end technology and energies that take the performance to another level.

The new and advanced EVs are being engineered at the company’s existing factory in England with a $3.4 billion investment where they are more focused on creating a modernized and carbon neutralized plant. Bentley is also planning to launch a few plug-in hybrid vehicles before eliminating the internal combustion engine vehicles. 

The upcoming electric vehicles will have two plug-in hybrids consisting of V6 and V8 engine systems. There will be more information coming out about these Electric vehicles before 2030.

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