BMW iX Flow E-Reader Technology Change SUV Colors

BMW iX Flow E-Reader Technology Change SUV Colors

Another tech gem showcasing at the CES 2022 where BMW is also revealing its two upcoming products to its customer soon.  2023 iX M60 electric SUV comes with a 31-inch touchscreen with integrated Amazon fire TV also they have shown the radical concept iX Flow.

The iX Flow concept is one of the wildest imagination turned into reality which is accumulated in the E-Ink. The E-ink is one of the materials used in the displays of e-readers and allows the color change in seconds. Nowadays, iX Flow shows the changes in shades in a few colors such as white, grey, and black but adds some other vivid colors in the future to give a pop of color to the vehicle.

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The e-ink wrap includes a series of microcapsules that have negative and positive charged white and black pigments. The microcapsules have a diameter same as human hair and which is stimulated by the electrical field that brings different pigment at the surface of each microcapsule which changes the vehicle shade. 

BMW e-ink technology will be used in all future BMW vehicles. Firstly, it allows color-changing wrap where drivers can change the vehicle’s appearance depending on their preferences. 

E-ink makes the car efficient with the use of sunny settings and iX Flow that could turn white that reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the body of the car and decrease the air conditioning. During the cold, iX Flow switches to black and tends to absorb the heat as much as possible and reduces the energy required in the heating system.

The iX Flow could easily switch to black and leads to absorbing heat as much as possible which means less energy required for turning up the heating system.  The climate control system in the BMW ix Flow requires less liquid from the heating system which leads EV to maintain a longer range in extreme temperatures. 

BMW interior material is quite good on certain surfaces same as the dashboard which is heated up with the temperature change. The e-ink technology is quite efficient which is used in the color change phase. BMW has summerised the production and possibilities of E-ink technology. The material of the technology is quite expensive and in the future, this will be coming into the BMW line-up.

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