Best Used Hybrids under 5000

Best Used Hybrids under 5000

Hybrid cars is a car which uses two different type of powers and are good for environment as they produce less emissions. They are also known as green cars. If you use your car in excess amount you can switch to a hybrid as they are safe for environment.Choose your first hybrid as the initiative of creating safer environment. Here we have created a list of used hybrids under 5000.

2008 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is spacious car offering large cargo space. Toyota Prius is great for environment as it produce minimal emissions. It consists of electrical motor and a gasoline engine, when more power is required it switch to gasoline engine.

  • MPG: 48 City / 45 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11.9 gal
  • Engine: 5 L 4-cylinder

2007 Toyota Camry hybrid

Toyota Camry a comfortable sedan that is fuel efficient, driving Toyota Camry is like doing welfare work for environment with comfort. 45 hp electric motor mated to a 147 hp gasoline engine is used in Camry.

  • MPG: 40 City / 38 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.1 gal
  • Engine: 4-liter I-4 (gas hybrid)

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander consists of a gasoline engine and two electric motors. AWD trim has one more motor to power wheels. Toyota Highlander has better driving performance than other hybrid SUVs

  • MPG: 32 City / 27 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.2 gal
  • Engine: 3 L V6

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

In Ford C-max Hybrid the engine is paired to electric motor fed by a lithium-ion battery pack, combined they produced up to 188hp. It has nice interior with quite good performance. It’s an honest choice for a used wagon.

  • MPG: 42 City / 37 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 13.5 gal
  • Engine: 0 L 4-cylinder
2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

2011 Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z consists of a four litre gasoline engine with a nickel metal hydride battery. Honda CR-Z has good performance with great cargo space. As a hybrid car its performance is great.

  • MPG: 35 City / 38 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 10.6 gal
  • Engine: 5 L 4-cylinder

2011 Honda Insight

Honda Insight is also called mild hybrid which means it can’t depend upon electricity alone. It is less complex and expensive among hybrids. Not so fuel-efficient but nice design details.

  • MPG: 40 City / 43 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 10.6 gal
  • Engine: 3 L 4-cylinder

2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt is a good option if you are looking for a car that will run on electricity alone. It can easily travel up to 35 miles in a single charge. Volt has well-constructed interior with good acceleration and sportier handling than other hybrids.

  • MPG: 35 City / 40 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.3 gal
  • Engine: 4 L 4-cylinder

2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid smoothly changes between gas and electric power. Seats of Lincoln MKZ are comfortable, roomy and have excellent fuel economy. When you start your Lincoln there will be no sound as it starts on electric mode. Looking for fuel efficient used hybrid this one is most suitable option.

  • MPG: 41 City / 36 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.5 gal
  • Engine: 5 L 4-cylinder
All-New 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

2014 Ford Fusion Energi

Fusion Energi has a premium cabin which makes it superior to drive. It is a sporty looks sedan,can travel up to 19 miles on electricity alone. At higher speed, it goes easily. Engine sound is sort of buzzy. If you are trying to find a mid-size hybrid it can be a fair option.

  • MPG: 40 City / 36 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14.0 gal
  • Engine: 0 L 4-cylinder

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid

Kia Optima a comfortable car, quit on the highway and excellent mileage on mountains. The car offers good reliability, roomy trunk and sharp styling. Kia Optima features a class-leading safety score that make this different from other hybrids.

  • MPG: 36 City / 40 Highway
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.2 gal
  • Engine: 4 L 4-cylinder
2016 Optima SXL 2.0 turbo