Say Good Bye to Honda Civic Coupe, Civic Si, Accord Manual and Fit

Say Good Bye to Honda Civic Coupe, Civic Si, Accord Manual and Fit

Small cars aren’t getting sales to compare to hatchbacks and SUV. There was a time they were popular but now only a few like them as all other automakers Honda is also making changes according to consumers preference that why it has announced its biggest change for the 2021 line up.

The big news that is going around is that Honda Civic is getting discontinued and there will be a new civic in 2022 line up.
The new models of 2021 will be bringing the 11thgeneration of Civic Type R (hatchback) only a special limited edition with plenty of enhancement will be there. Honda has made this thing very clear that Civic Si is on pause and it will return in 2022 model year.

What not is coming back is Civic coupe, it is officially announced that civic coupe production is over. The coupe was available in a few varieties. It’s not that much surprising as coupes are getting disappeared through the segment and Honda also revealed that Civic hatchback has gained the sale of Civic coupe by 24% and Civic Coupe represent only 6% of sales earlier it was 16% when debuted in 2016.

More news by Honda is that its Honda Fit is dead in America and it will be last year of its production, of course, it will be available in other parts of the world. A fourth-generation model unveiled last year for other markets is unlikely to come to the U.S.

Honda fans don’t worry Civic hatchback and HR-V will be coming in the market and they will be great as per our assumptions and they will cover sales of Honda Fit also. Their production has been shifted from the United Kingdom to North America. Honda will drop the manual option for the Accord for 2021. The manual is only available on the Sport trim level of the 2020 Accord.