Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

What is a certified pre-owned cars?

A CPO (Certified pre-owned) is a used car which has benefits in it. These benefits mainly include an extended warranty, multipoint inspection, roadside assistance, scheduled dealer maintenance, powertrain warranties and other incentives. They are inspected and refurbished in excellent condition. CPO vehicles are good in condition and have low miles, then used cars. Generally, five year old or have miles less than 80,000. CPO cars are a high-quality vehicle which minimizes the risk of buying a used car. A CPO vehicle may have lower interest financing.

How certified pre-owned works?

The car must be six years old or newer and have miles less than 80,000. An eligible vehicle is put in inspection and hundreds of parts and systems are checked to ensure they meet the minimum requirements. If a car has its original new car warranty (four years/ 50,000 mile) than it is transferred to CPO buyer. If the original is expired or about to expire than owner gets additional one year certified limited warranty with unlimited mileage. There is an option for upgrading it to two years warranty.

Who certifies the certified pre-owned cars?

The certified pre-owned cars are certified by dealer or they are manufacturer certified.

How they are different from used cars?

Certified pre-owned cars have extra warranties that takes care of maintenance, special financing deals and are in better condition than a used car.

How much certified pre-owned car costs?

CPO vehicles are more expensive than used cars as they have multiple inspection extended warranty, free roadside assistance and more things that depends on dealer.

Benefits of certified pre-owned car

  • CPO vehicles are closely inspected and all repairs are done.
  • CPO comes with a lot of things like extended warranty, roadside assistance and other
  • You can have a free vehicle history report
  • CPO has a lesser price than a new car
  • CPO cars have good reliability

Things to remember while buying certified pre-owned car

  • Know what is covered in the warranty
  • Make sure it is a genuine CPO vehicle
  • Check out CPO and non-CPO vehicle
  • Take a test drive before getting it
  • Check car by yourself


Should I buy a CPO?

Yes, as it has extra benefits that you will not have in a used car. If you want a car like a new one but don’t want to pay a new car price than it is the best option.